With an indisputable ear for the detecting the some of the brightest and best new sounds coming out of the UK right now, Modern Sky UK are delighted to introduce you to an effervescent new Liverpool four piece. 

The Jjohns make the kind of irresistibly catchy and timelessly melodic guitar pop with an alluring hint of the chaotic, as only the way those with Merseyside blood coursing through their veins can.

Comprising the three Dunning brothers in Dom on lead vocals and guitar, Mik on backing vocals and guitar, and Bernie on bass, as well as, their friend Sam Burkett on drums, this sharp Scouse quartet very much have the heartbeat of the current Liverpool scene rippling through their sound.

In the past months the band release 2 separate singles and their debut EP, expected for release at end of this summer, prepare to welcome The Jjohns to your record collection very soon.