I always say it, but I’m gonna say it one more time. Firefly Music Festival is my favorite festival in North America. Why? For many reasons. First, it takes place inside The Woodlands, and isolated place where you can completely disconnect from the outside world.It takes place in Dover, which I found as a very centric town for people who live in New York, Philadelphia, and other big cities surrounding Delaware. To me, Firefly is the Coachella of the east coast.

Another reason is that Firefly ALWAYS has an amazing lineup. This year it was no exception. Headliners included Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar.

Still another reason is that it lasts for four days. Some festival have tried this in the past with no success. This gives you one more day to enjoy the delicious food and drinks that you can find in the festival.

So let’s talk about our favorite things from Firefly weekend…

Going to a festival for four days can get you tired in no time, and walking really long distances can get you hungry. Fortunately, there were plenty of food options in The Woodlands, all of them delicious (at least the ones we tried). You can even tried a Shake Shack hamburger. My favorite food option was the Island Noodles. I ate them twice and they were so good!

There were also plenty of drinking options, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Our favorite drink, “The Dover”, was perfect for the hot weather.

Ok so let’s talk about music. With so many performers, it was difficult to see all the bands I wanted. But I do not regret watching any of the artists I chose. Here are my 5 favorite performances of the weekend:

5. Everything Everything
First time I saw them live. Manchester’s Everything Everything performed on Thursday afternoon songs like “Kemosabe”, “Distant Past”, and “no Reptiles”. Not a big follower of their music, but I do like some of their songs and they do sound amazing live.

4. The Killers
What can I say about them? I have watched them live more than any other band and I never get tired of them. Especially now that they recently refreshed their setlist and show. Brandon Flowers begins the show spectacularly with “The Man” and ends it with their most streamed song ever, “Mr. Brightside”. The Killers are bigger than ever, no wonder they keep headlining festivals around the globe.

3. Arctic Monkeys

After a long hiatus, Arctic Monkeys finally returned to what they do best: headline music festivals. After their successful ‘AM‘ album, they now come back with a more introvert record, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino’, that reminds us of the band’s beginnings. My only complain is that they left “Fluorescent Adolescent” out of their setlist.

2. Foster the People

Foster the People is one of the most enjoyable live bands that I have ever seen. Their fresh music makes people enjoy and dance while the band is playing.

1. Eminem

One of the biggest rappers I´ve ever seen live, His energy, music, lyrics and childhood memories made a memorable performance.