Firefly never disappoints, and the first two days felt like the entire festival just took place. But it was only the beginning. With The Woodlands and the weather better than ever, this place has become one of our favorite festivals in North America.

Something that many festivals have in common is the lack of alcoholic beverage options. Firefly doesn’t. Besides offering the regular stuff (beer & wine), you can find several specialty cocktails and plenty of drinks available both for General Admission and VIP attendees. (You may want to try “The Woodlands” and “The Dover” at the Cocktails section).

During the first day of Firefly we had the chance to see UK band Everything Everything, which are not very common to see in the States.

Weather has been great so far, with two sunny days in a row and no signs of rain anywhere near.

The food? Great so far. With options ranging from nachos and tacos to noodles and even Shake Shack hamburgers.

Arctic Monkeys were the big headliners of the day, performing their already classic songs (except for “Fluorescent Adolescent” for some reason…) and a few new ones too. Alex Turner was in a good mood and looked like he was enjoying the show. The crowd was amazing. Now I realize that US fans are truly Arctic Monkeys’ fans and not just because of their ‘AM‘ album… they know all of their songs! Our favorites form the night: “Brainstorm”, “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I Moved Your Chair”, Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino”, “Do I Wanna Know?” and “R U Mine”.

Our favorite performance so far? Definitely Foster the People, who had a setlist that we enjoyed from beginning to end. The band opened with “Pay the Man“, followed by “Helena Beat” and “Coming of Age“. They ended their set with “Pumped Up Kicks” and “Come Sit Next to Me“.

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