Artist Philippa Price brought her vision for “”Wild Thoughts“” to life at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards this past Sunday, January 28. Represented by MAAVVEN—the creative agency known for their work with artists including Floria Sigismondi, Fatima Robinson, and Amanda Demme—Price was the Creative Director for the stunning performance of DJ Khaled’’s megahit, featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller, along with dozens of dancers.

““This was the first time my entire concept was based around choreography, and the rest followed“,” notes Price. “I wanted to create a completely new style of dance for this performance by blending inspiration from a bunch of different styles and eras. Soul Train + Cuban + New African dance styles + 70s disco + Bob Fosse with an overall feeling of really awkward and strange moves. Rihanna’’s choreographers Parris Goebel and Tanisha Scott were incredible to work with and bringing this vision to life.”

Price adds, “”The ‘70s was the era that patented the idea of dancing as a communal delight—people of all walks of life came together at the disco, bonded by a sincere inability to feel the least bit self-conscious. Everyone was equal under the disco light, and this felt like the perfect environment for our ‘Wild Thoughts’ world.””

“My concept came to life through a magical combination of creative forces, including working with set designer Carly Jo Morgan and stylist Savannah Baker. It was an amazing collaborative effort which is my favorite way to work,” notes the frequent Rihanna collaborator. “Rihanna, as always, was amazing. We are very much on the same page creatively and she really gives me my creative freedom. There was such a good energy throughout the whole process of creating this piece… it was amazing to share that feeling on the stage.

Philippa Price has created dynamic art across myriad formats of expression. She co-founded boundary-defying menswear label GUNS. GERMS. $STEAL [G.G.$.], worked with Stella McCartney on three unique campaigns for her line and was named as one of Conde Nast’s “Daring 25” in 2016—an award honoring today’s most intrepid innovators, creators, and pioneers. Philippa has also been the visionary force behind events and installations for Apple Music, Conde Nast, Vogue, Art Basel and Gentle Monster as well as music videos and live performances for Pharrell, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Grimes, AlunaGeorge, Banks and St Vincent—whose controversial “Pills” video she directed at the end of 2017. Whatever the surface or medium, Philippa Price continues to bring her iconic irreverent-yet-refined eye to everything she touches.

Learn more about Philippa Price here and follow her on Instagram @original_xerox.