One of our favorite albums released this year so far is ‘Only the Lonely‘, the second one from the  Tennessee quartet comprised of brothers Caleb and Will Chapman and their friends Scott Mills and Parke Cottrell.

Colony House has grown a lot since they officially became a band back in 2009.  We recently sat down with them to talk about how their latest album was done,their inspiration for writing new songs, and their upcoming show at Chicago’s Lollapalooza.

INDSCENE: When did you guys began working on ‘Only the Lonely’? It has been almost 3 years since the release of your debut album, right?

R: Yes indeed… We ideally would have put the second album out a little quicker but a bunch of small things go into making an album and it just needed to be released at the top of this year. We began working on Only the Lonely in the fall of 2015.

INDSCENE: How was the process of working on this album? What has changed since ‘When I Was Younger’?

R: It was really fun and challenging. The biggest difference between the two albums is that we left a lot more untouched this time around. We recorded a lot of the album all together at once and wanted to let the energy of all four of us in a room take precedence over every little part being executed perfectly.

INDSCENE: Tell us about what inspired you when writing the songs of this new album.

R: Most of this album was inspired by being on the road so much for the touring cycle of the first album. We played a lot of shows and had a lot of time to think about how amazing it is that we get to play music night after night and also how lonely it can feel at the same time.

INDSCENE: You have been playing lots of shows since the year began. Any particular experience you can share with us of any of those shows? Maybe one great experience and another one not so great or weird?

R: A lot of the memories run together… but coming home to play a sold out show in Nashville was pretty special. It was the largest show of the tour and all of our friends and families were there which made it really great! As for the not so great memories, we just had to sleep in the van in the middle of Canada because we ran out of gas and there were no stations open at the time.

INDSCENE: Have you been able to go back home in the past months? Do you usually feel homesick when on tour?

R: We each try to get home as often as possible when we are on the road. Even if its only for a day or so it’s always worth a quick plane ride home to hug our families. None of us get homesick though… We feel purpose in being out on the road.

INDSCENE: Which festivals have you enjoyed the most so far? Do you get a different vibe from music festival crowds?

R: Probably ACL. It was our first major festival to play and we were treated so well. The music festival crowd is usually really fun to play for because everyone is in such a great carefree headspace. It always feels like playing for friends.

INDSCENE: You’re also doing Lollapalooza this summer. Is this your first time at Lolla? What can we expect?

R: This is our first time at Lolla and we are pumped. I don’t know what you should expect from us… We plan on having a bunch of fun.

INDSCENE: Who would you like to tour with in the future?

R: I don’t know really. Let’s say U2 because that’s obvious.

INDSCENE: Do you have any other passion besides music?

R: Yes… but right now it seems to be music dominating mostly everything.

INDSCENE: Which songs are you currently listening non stop?

R: J-Boy by Phoenix
High by Sir Sly
Stop Crying Your Heart Out by OASIS
DNA by Kendrick Lamar