Quebec-city based duo Fjord are masters at creating cinematic ambient pop rich in both synthesized and recorded textures. Textures, in fact, was their 2016 debut album that launched their career with 10+ million Spotify streams, earning them nods from The FADER and Huffington Post and catalyzing an extensive tour across Canada.

Today the duo have share the second single from their upcoming new album EP ´Shallow Waters´ out Jan 25, 2019 called “If I Was To Call.” A recurring pedal harp melody elegantly mirrors the other-worldly soundscape and wistful, heartfelt lyrics of the song. “The music takes its roots in the combination of the pedal harp, an instrument that is so dear to us, with a warm Rhodes and a lot of sonic textures, all glued together by a Juno-60 pad that has this unique color to it.