Norwegian 21-year-old Amanda Tenfjord releases her debut EP ‘First Impression,’ unveiling brand new track ‘Pick a Card’.

After phenomenally received first three singles, “First Impression,” “No Thanks,” and “Let Me Think,” Amanda has gained a reputation for herself as a bit of a sass-pot. From calling out shallow personalities on ‘First Impression’, (with lines such as) “I like you better out of site ‘cos you’re a social parasite”, to saying “No Thanks” to time-wasters, Amanda’s not afraid of making a statement. Her third single ‘Let Me Think’, about taking a minute to stop and evaluate how happy you are with a situation, continues to exhibit her playful nature and her ability to create pop bangers. Her final track from the EP, “Pick a Card” rounds off the EP with a slower melody showcasing Amanda’s outstanding vocals, while covering the deeper subject of making choices.