Few bands can boast the kind of striking musical identity as whenyoung. The trio, singer/bassist Aoife Power, guitarist Niall Burns, and drummer Andrew Flood  make some of alternative music’s most compelling new sounds; a soaring, stunning, but still singalong take on musical anthemia, that fuses the storyteller’s nature of their home country of Ireland with the effortless cool of the London scene they now call home.

 Whenyoung note “our EP is a bitesize presentation of who we are, our place in the world and where we’re going.”

Given Up” is a perfect example of the band’s sound. Underpinned by a driving, Pixies-esque bassline and chiming guitars, it’s mix of gritty alt-rock edge with a shimmering chorus showcases just how special the band’s song writing is. “Heaven On Earth” is a huge powerhouse of a tune. Singer, Aoife Power‘s attitude-soaked vocals soar over a snaking bassline, jangly guitar riff and powerful drums, all culminating in a massive chorus. “Sleeper” finds the band leaning into the gentler side of their song writing, with a beautiful, folk-tinged vocal from Aoife over Niall‘s lilting acoustic guitar work. It’s an emotive closer to the EP which functions as a showcase for the bands unique style.