Today, singer-songwriter-guitarist Victoria Bigelow shares new single “Blame” from her forthcoming ‘Going Blue’EP, her first release in 9 years. Victoria moved to Nashville to write music at 15, landed her first TV sync at 16, then lost sight of her dreams when a succession of curveballs sent her spiraling down a self-destructive path. It wasn’t until a surprise pregnancy at 22 that she she found her footing. Now, at 24, she has the strength and clarity to tell her story and continuing growth through her songwriting.

The mutually damaging actions of infidelity and violence inspired “Blame,” a woozy tune that gently grooves and entrances with lilting guitar and a tugging poignancy. Victoria says of the song: “It’s a reflective piece, understanding now the consequences of my own actions and realizing in retrospect that we both were guilty of the same wrongdoings. I find it way easier to write about intense or painful experiences once I’ve made it out of them and into a clearer head space. ‘How could I blame you, I wouldn’t love me at all’ is a self-deprecating, slightly sarcastic response to him cheating.”