When Oslo’s Spielbergs brought their debut single “We Are All Going To Die” to the world in February this year, their impact was immediate. It was a rallying cry, an urgent and insistent examination of mortality that instantly exploded through the rafters and shot for the sky. It was a track that united rock and indie fans and writers the world over.

Where some see a hill to climb, others see the weight as a gift, and if there’s one thing Spielbergs are never short on it is ideas. Fast-forward to the winter, and the band are sharing “4AM,” the first single from their debut album ´This Is Not The End

Listening to Spielbergs is like picking up that classic record that you and your friends bonded over as teenagers. They have that rare skill of finding a way to channel their own life story.

Spielbergs new album will be available on February 1st, 2019.