Four months ago when we received the first taste of the latest era in Twenty One Pilots’ discography, it felt like October 5 would never arrive. Despite numerous leaks, both alleged and confirmed, the sun has risen and ´Trench´ is here. In ´Trench,´ Tyler and Josh push beyond the bounds of expressing the thoughts of their own issues in order to experiment with new sounds, pump us up with new passion for this band, and crush our spirits with new, hard-hitting lyrics that will inevitably adorn our bodies in tattoo form.

We already knew since the 4 songs they previously released, “My Blood,” “Jumpsuit,” “Nico And The Niners” and “Levitate” that ´Trench´ will be a good album. Then you have songs like “Morph” that goes all in on the Nicholas Bourbaki lore, a really calm song, “Chlorine” has multiple genres living inside it with beautifully raw vocals in the outro. It’s got the same post ´Blurryface´ sound that “Heathens” but with far more techno aspects to it, “Legend” this is pure dedication to Tyler’s grandfather, we get to see a sweet appreciation for a man that our lead singer looked up to so much. His grandfather passed away this spring, but the last words of the song leave us on a hopeful note that he will see his grandpa again one day and “Smithereens,”  After “Tear In My Heart,” this one is solidified as the band’s second love song ever. It’s a sweet note passed from Tyler to his lovely wife, Jenna with hip hop sounds mixed with a fair share of reggae.

´Trench´ is easily the biggest leap that Twenty One Pilots have taken in their career so far. They have created a full on universe that lives inside the record.