Today, rising pop showstoppers Anteros announce their debut album ´When We Land,´ set for release on Distiller Records on March 1stThe band have also released their new single “Ordinary Girl.”

Anteros are a band who refuse to be typecast. While standing firmly outside of any box, they’ve proven their ability to nail any genre or idea they put their mind to, having spent their formative years experimenting with dreamy indie pop, gritty electronic rock and shimmering disco. ´When We Land´ is where it all comes together; in one glossy, masterful package, the four-piece have created a unique sound that is both wholly refreshing and reminiscent of the greats who came before them.

On new single “Ordinary Girl,” Anteros break new sonic ground with a bracing, introspective folk-rock sound, slowing the tempo and exposing a previously unseen side of their character.