Henry Nowhere  releases his EP ´Not Going Back´ today. ´Not Going Back´ is a six-song projection of Henry‘s wanderlust spirit materialized as vibrant guitar pop haze with a lo-fi sheen. It explores themes of committed love, wistfulness, and escapism, and brings new life to classic blues and country archetypes like seeing the doctor over a broken heart. Henry’s 70s influences burn brightest on“Uneasy,” a laid-back, guitar-heavy tune with dry drum tones and harmony-rich vocal layers that recalls the sounds of Neil YoungEmmylou Harris, and Grateful Dead.

Earlier this summer, Henry released several EP singles, introducing the project with “Problems of the Heart,” a tune with humming guitars, tape cassette hiss, and enchanting vocals, the perfect dreamy track. Henry quickly release a new track “Not Going Back,” a moody lo-fi mantra about escapism that opens with twinkling piano and soft-focus synths, giving way to plucky guitar lines and washed out vocals. “Good Thing,” Henry‘s self-proclaimed favorite recording, arrived next, a lush blend of several acoustic instruments like flute, trombone, and piano, all played by Henry.