The last two years have been quite moving for Gorillaz. After going on tour for 2 full years, the group led by Damon Albarn announced that it would release a new album, ‘The Now Now,’ which would show its Phase 5, which is constituted by a new lineup after Murdoc finished in jail after getting involved with a dangerous boss named ‘The Shit‘. The teplacement? Ace, the former gang member of the Powerpuff Girls who had already appeared in the video of “Humility“, the first single of the band, is so far that for the first time appears playing the bass in the official video of “Tranz.”

In the clip appear 2D, Noodle, Russell Hobby and Ace playing the song in what seems to be a live presentation, an air show. This is not the first time that the band appears singing and playing their instruments, previously we saw them in “Clint Eastwood,” but in the end they always end up putting situations and the dynamics of the video changes as the song progresses.