Muse have announced that their new studio album, ´Simulation Theory,´ will be released on 9 November through Warner Music. The eleven-track record was produced by the band, along with producers Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo, Shellback and Timbaland. Each of the album’s songs will be accompanied by a video.

In the last year Muse has generated a lot of expectation as to whether they would release a new album or not. Singles like “Somehting Human.” “Thought Contagion,” and “Dig Down.

´Simulation Theroy´ will be available in three formats: the standard of 11 tracks, the luxury with 16 tracks and the super luxury that will have 21 tracks, plus a special boxeset a 20 page book and a special code for early access to the tour tickets. You can pre-order the new album in:

The art of the album was illustrated by the digital artist Kyle Lambert