Today, Australian singer-songwriter Gretta Ray unveils her debut EP, ‘Here and Now.‘ The lead track for the EP, “Radio Silence,” was produced by Jono Steer & Leigh Fisher, and mixed by John Castle (Vance Joy).  Gretta has spent the past year focusing on music, writing and recording at home in Melbourne while also spending time in Nashville and London. Gretta’s knack for lyrically complex songwriting, tongue-in-cheek facetious anecdotes and songs on love and heartbreak is what makes her one of Australia’s most impressive young songwriters.

´Here and Now´ was created during a time of exploration and adventure. Gretta says: “I made it my mission to soak up my last moments as a teenager, being entirely present wherever I am, whoever I’m with”. As a result, all seven tracks were written when she was completely captivated and consumed by her perception of a particular place, person or experience.