New York City’s fashion-forward It Girl Julietta today releases her most vulnerable project to date. On her debut album Smooth Sailing, she shares stories from her adolescence as a wild youth in NYC, getting caught up with the allure of big city excess that led to addiction and struggles with mental health.

The opening song “Beach Break,” channels the need to escape to a warm safe place. The album transitions into the title track “Smooth Sailing,” which in itself is a mantra to discover yourself and grow. Transitioning from a powerful mantra of self-discovery, Julietta breaks out of her comfort zone with a rock-influenced bop on“Stripes + Squares. On this track the rising pop star opens up about her insecurity on not being good enough for a certain hard love. “Alchemist” puts a damper on Julietta’s nostalgic summer atmosphere and takes a darker approach. “Hard Love” is an anthem for those who aren’t afraid to embrace the nitty gritty side of relationships.“Silver Haze” takes elements of pop-rock and fuses them together to create an atmosphere that recreates the feeling of a nostalgic love. The album closes with “Runaway,” inspired by Julietta being asked out on a date from a boy who lived in a Florence, after pondering the decision she picked up and flew to Italy from New York.