This Thursday begins the seventh edition of the Firefly Music Festival at The Woodlands in Dover, DE, and today we have a special countdown of 10 reasons why not to miss Firefly this year.

10. The Nook – Need to sneak away and relax before your favorite artist takes the stage? Head to The Nook kick up your feet and chill with your crew. Feel free to bring your own hammock and set up shop or take advantage of the new seating options.

9. The Pathway – While beautiful during the day, The Pathway doesn’t show its true colors until the sun goes down. Swing through our favorite forest clearing after sunset to check out some lighting displays that will put your neighborhood Christmas-lighting enthusiast to shame.

8. The Brewery Craft Bar – What’s better than drinking a one-of-a-kind Firefly Ale, plus tons of other craft beers and supporting a local Delaware business? Delaware’s own Dogfish Head Craft Brewery returns to The Woodlands this year to present The Brewery, Firefly‘s on-site craft beer bar.

7. The Market – Step up your style game with handmade items that can only be found at The Firefly Market. The Market is the perfect go-to spot to take a break from dancing your face off and pick up some mementos that are sure to remind you of The Woodland Wonderland. No worries if you get carried away, you can always store goods in lockers located within the festival.

6. Firefly Eats – Whether you’re a total foodie or just looking for a sick picture for Instagram – Firefly has you covered. Offering a wide variety of 65 gourmet grub from the fan favorite tacos to refreshing (and downright beautiful) tropical smoothie bowls.

5. The Thicket –  Deep in the heart of The Woodlands, you’ll find a dance party that is always producing good vibes. The Thicket is where you can expect to see renowned DJs and jam as one big Firefly Family in an electric crowd. Put on a pair of headphones and get ready to dance the day or night away.

4. The Coffee House – Don’t miss one of the most unique festival features of The Woodlands: The Coffee House. Sip on an iced latte while enjoying some of your favorite artists performing uniquely intimate sets on The Coffee House stage.

3. Treehouse Sessions – This spot is a way of introducing Firefly fans to new and upcoming music, while creating a more personal connection with Firefly artists. Treehouse Sessions is returning this year, giving fans the opportunity to experience acoustic performances from some of their new favorite bands. Grab your friends, and come hang out at Firefly’s very own tree house.

2. The Experience – Wheather you are from Delaware, annother city from the United States or in other part of the world, the traveling to experience a world class music festival is a great way to start your summer right.

  1. The Music – And least but not last, the music. This year lineup is covered with the best new acts like Courtship, Alice Merton, The Regrettes, Jade Bird, The Night Game and with worldwide class headliners like Arctic Monkeys, Foster The People, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Alt-J.