10. We Are Scientists
You commonly see these guys performing at ballrooms or intimate venues, but rarely you see them in a music festival lineup. This year, With a brand new album just released, they will be stepping into the Firefly stage to perform their best music since their 2002 debut ‘Safety, Fun and Learning (In That Order).’

9. Everything Everything
Manchester’s Everything Everything will hit the stage at Firefly as part of the US tour dates they are doing this summer. Their tour will be interrupted for a few UK stops including Parklife, before flying back to the States to play 3 more shows including Firefly. Their latest album ‘A Fever Dream’ still feels pretty recent, and it’s their highest charted record so far.

8. Alt-J
Their popularity has exponentially increased in the past few years. They may not be ready for the main stage, but they may be real soon. Their songs, which are complicated to play live, sound impeccable. Fans of the band never leave disappointed from an Alt-J concert.

7. Foster the People
After a not-so-well received sophomore album, Mark Foster returned this time with a more solid and enjoyable record. ‘Sacred Hearts Club’ may not be fulled of anthems like ‘Torches’, but it does have many good songs in it. Foster the People is always a good option to see during a festival.

6. Eminem
To be honest, I have no idea of what Eminem has been up to lately. I’m not a fan of his latest work. But I was back then when he was the real slim shady. A huge fan actually. I was obsessed with ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’. But back then, I never had the chance to watch him perform live. I find this as an opportunity to see one of my favorite artists of my youth. If you like me never had the chance to watch him live, do it at Firefly!

5. Portugal. the man
If you weren’t a fan of Portugal. the Man, you probably became one after the release of their album ‘Woodstock’. Their setlist also includes some pretty good covers from Metallica, The Beatles and Pink Floyd. This band is a must in every music festival.

Their solid fan base gets crazily excited when they hear about new MGMT music. No matter how mainstream they can be, they manage to reflect some degree of mystery in what they do. We all became obsessed with ‘Oracular Spectacular’, and their later albums are completely different from what we thought they were initially, but I personally still love what they do and their latest album is for me a continuation of what they did with ‘Congratulations’ (and they missed with their self titled ‘MGMT’).

3. Cold War Kids
Cold War Kids made it pretty high into our list, but at this point it was impossible for them not to. The guys form Long Beach have an extensive repertoire of acclaimed singles that are part of six excellent full length albums released during the past 11 years. With songs like “First”, “All This Could Be Yours”, “Love Is Mystical”, “Something Is Not Right With Me”, and their recent “So Tied Up” are a must for Firefly.

2. The Killers
They have been headlining festivals across the world for more than 5 years now, and even though ‘Battle Born’ was not well received by their longtime fans, Brandon Flowers has now made it clear that he’s The Man. A more powerful record makes the band even bigger and with songs that are already considered classic, their setlist just keeps getting better. The Killers is here to headline festivals for years to come.

1. Arctic Monkeys
‘AM’ was a game changer for Arctic Monkeys. Not that they weren’t big already, but this album made the band infiltrate to the mainstream world in North America. Now they’re back with a record that personally reminds me of their early days. It’s the perfect moment for old school fans to reconnect with them and forget for a while from “Why you only call me when your high?”, and go back to anthems like ·Fluorescent Adolescent” and “I Bet That You Look Good On the Dance Floor”.