Having shared a brilliant animated video for new single “Stop” earlier this week, Justice, the Paris-based duo aka Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé, today announce their forthcoming album ‘Woman Worldwide‘, set for release on August 24. he duo created the album as a result of Xavier and Gaspard adapting their songs to be played on tour, in the process discovering a new dimension in their live form.

Making a new album of re-envisioned songs inspired by their love for their live manifestations is in line with Justice‘s release history thus far, but, rather than repeat themselves, Justice made Woman Worldwide’ to sound like a proper studio album. The new set also fittingly acts as a celebratory anthology of the duo’s trailblazing first decade together.

Justice revealed the album news and artwork following a live performance at the Google I/O conference in California yesterday, which was streamed live on YouTube along with the “Stop” music video. The video was created by Mrzyk & Moriceau, the French creative duo who have previously animated music videos for the likes of Air and Sébastien Tellier.

Woman Worldwide tracklisting:

1.) ‘Safe and Sound’
2.) ‘D.A.N.C.E.’
3.) ‘Canon’ x ‘Love S.O.S.’
4.) ‘Genesis’ x ‘Phantom’
5.) ‘Pleasure’ x ‘Newjack’ x ‘Helix’ x ‘Civilization’
6.) ‘Heavy Metal’ x ‘DVNO’
7.) ‘Stress’
8.) ‘Love S.O.S.’
9.) ‘Alakazam!’ x ‘Fire’
10.) ‘Waters of Nazareth’ x ‘We Are your Friends’ x ‘Phantom 2’ x ‘Alakazam!’
11.) ‘Chorus’
12.) ‘Audio, Video, Disco’
13.) ‘Stop’
14.) ‘Randy’
Bonus track:
15.) ‘D.A.N.C.E.’ x ‘Fire’ x ‘Safe and Sound’