Currently in the midst of her third sold-out US tour, breakout star Jorja Smith has shared the beautiful new black and white video to her debut single “Blue Lights.” The stunning visual, shot by photographer Olivia Rose in Jorja’s hometown of Walsall, features an all-male cast, some of whom are recognizable to the local area.

“I wanted to capture men/boys of Walsall and Birmingham from all different walks of life doing everyday activities to show that the stereotypes we are bombarded with are misleading and, ultimately, harmful. I chose Walsall as the setting for the video as that is where I am from and where I drew my inspiration from when writing the song.” states Jorja

Speaking on the making of the video, Olivia Rose describes the “mad turnaround – I ended up in Walsall a few times in one week, scouting locations and cast members. What’s really beautiful is that a lot of the cast and places are authentically related back to Jorja – her dad, the boys who inspired the song, the park where she hung out as a teenager, the owner of the restaurant where she had her first gig.”

The new video comes in the build up to the release of Jorja’s debut album ‘Lost & Found’, which is set for global release on June 8th.