Philadelphia-based band Vacationer will release their new album ‘Mindest’ on June 22. The album will be released digitally and on vinyl and can be pre-ordered here. This week the band also revealed their new single “Being Here” from the forthcoming release. The song premiered at Billboard, stream it below. About the song Vacationer‘s Ken Vasoli says:

I took careful consideration choosing the subject matter for the songs on this record. I wrote about concepts that would hopefully benefit my mental wellbeing. “Being Here” has reminders for myself to be present and experience life as it unfolds. I try to keep a clear lens into what is happening right now and not dwell on the past or project the future. Whenever I keep that in mind it results in a better outlook.

Mindset Track List
1. Entrance
2. Magnetism
3. Euphoria
4. Being Here
5. Strawberry Blonde
6. Late Bloomer
7. Turning
8. Hallucinations
9. Romance
10. Blue Dreaming
11. Green
12. Companionship