It’s Friday, and as the weekend comes to an end we’ve gathered the songs that stood out for us these past few days. From the commanding vocals of CHVRCHES‘ Lauren Mayberry to the sultry voice of Florence Welch, to the upbeat Sheppard beats, these songs are the ones that really caught our attention this week.

Chvrches – “Miracle

This week, Chvrches unveiled the fourth track from their upcoming EP ‘Love Is Dead.’ It is clear that the band’s synth style is heading towards new territory, particularly towards a pop sound. The song features lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s commanding vocals as she belts out the chorus “We’re looking for angels in the darkest of skies/ I’m not asking for a miracle.”

Nicki Minaj – “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun Li”

For the past week it was all about Cardi B, but now it’s Nicki’s turn to triumphantly step things up with her 80’s hip hop and electro sounds of “Barbie Tingz,” singing about her being at the top of her game; and the mid 90’s swagger of “Chun-Li” where she declares “They need rappers like me! So they can get on their fucking keyboards and make me the bad guy.”

Florence + The Machine – “Sky Full Of Song”

Florence’s sultry vocals are the main focus of the song, where she sings only accompanied by strings and a piano. In a statement, Florence explained: “Sometimes when you are performing you get so high, it’s hard to know how to come down. There is this feeling of being cracked open, rushing endlessly outwards and upwards, and wanting somebody to hold you still, bring you back to yourself. It’s an incredible, celestial, but somehow lonely feeling.”

Sigrid – “High Five”

Following the beautifully poignant “I Don’t Want To Know” and the unadulterated “Raw,” and just before her Coachella performance Norwegian sensation, Sigrid, released “High Five.” Listen to this refreshingly honest pop banger about “the importance of those relations where you both dare to be completely honest with each other, rather than exchanging superficial «high fives».”

Sheppard – “Riding The Wave

From the hitmakers that gave you “Geronimo”, Sheppard continues to deliver great pop songs for you to keep singing. “Riding The Wave” is no exception, their “live in the moment anthem” about the band’s highs and lows will definitely have you singing and dancing all day.

Snow Patrol – “Life On Earth

Snow Patrol is back with their first record in seven years, with the sound we all know and love. “Life On Earth” marks just a sneak peak of whats coming in their new album ‘Wilderness’.

Arkells – “Peoples Champ

People’s Champ” is an upbeat, horn infused, politically charged anthem written to the social climate; created in part by “the guy currently in charge who only seems to be concerned with creating hysteria and bringing attention and wealth to himself.” Frontman Max Kerman said the song is “about the guy who acts like Robin Hood, but is the farthest thing from it. But that’s OK: look around and you’ll find people’s champs all around ya.”

TOMI – “Every Morning I Feel Like Running Away”

This song caught our attention as it is the representation of the culmination of TOMI’s journey towards self-empowerment. Its unfettered and emotionally supercharged sound was born from a fierce determination to find her voice and be herself, even in the face of life’s obstacles.

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