Straight from Argentina arrives Mejor Actor De Reparto, a three piece band showcasing their talents in the US for the first time. This trip come at the heels of presenting their latest single “Apapamonono”, the first taste of their upcoming third full length release.

Mejor Actor De Reparto will be performing at two showcases at SXSW, the first being on Tuesday the 13th at Friends (208 E 6th st., Austin, Texas) with Nea Agostini, Entropica, Jose Biggs, and Club de Surf. The band plays at 7pm.

The second showcase will be at Speakeasy Kabaret (412 Congress Ave., Austin, Texas) with Astrolabio, Coma Pony, Mala Bengala, Nea Agostini y Zero Balas. Mejor Actor De Reparto plays at 11:15pm.

Listen to their single “Apapamonono” below. Don’t miss any SXSW updates here.