Musician Cody Critcheloe, the force behing music/art project SSION, has released the official video for for his recently released single “At Least The Sky is Blue” featuring Ariel Pink from his forthcoming albumO‘. 

Taking aesthetic cues from 90s era David Fincher, Gregg Araki and Pedro Almodavar, the music video for At Least The Sky Is Blue is a love story centered on longing. With appearances by porn star Adam Ramzi and Ariel Pink the story revolves around an LA fever dream of sex, drugs, techno, salads and image obsession, culminating in a drag performance by SSION and Ariel Pink channeling the late icons Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor.

On the origin of the video, SSION shares: ” I wanted to make a narrative music video that felt akin to the cult gay movies I grew up worshipping but with a modern twist and modern accessories…. something romantic and tragic but still winking and smirking along the way. Set against a psychedelic and exhausted LA backdrop, I find myself deep inside a cliche: a crush on someone unattainable. Crushes can leave a bigger stain than a relationship because you fall in love with the potential of something rather than the reality. When it never fully manifests you always play back the fantasy in your head and it becomes more romantic, tragic, psychedelic… massive.”