Ron Gallo has premiered the Really Nice Guys documentary via Napster’s socials. The 20-minute short film is a companion to his recently released ‘Really Nice Guys EP which pokes fun at himself and also serves as hilarious commentary about the music industry and the year he spent supporting his New West Records debut, HEAVY META.

The 20-minute documentary was directed by Christian Gentry. Ron Gallo says “It is a film about a musician, played by me, and his band, played by my bandmates, dealing with the endless search for creative fulfillment in unexpected places and facing the ‘struggle’ that comes along with trying to be something other than what you already are in a town where everyone is doing that exact thing.” He continues, “Partnering with Napster to premiere it seemed like the perfect match — they ruined the music business in 1999 and we ruin music in 2018.