Grammy-nominated producer A-Trak and Fool’s Gold upstart Falcons debut “Ride For Me,” a new collaboration with Young Thug and Atlanta vocalist 24hrs, today.

When we did ‘Ride For Me,’ I was in complete awe of Thug’s take,” said A-Trak of the song’s unique vocals. “No one’s ever heard him sound like this. I’m really into sound manipulation—I’m a scratch DJ. Hearing Thug’s voice be so elastic, so malleable, testing the limits of what a human voice can sound like is incredible to me. I love how he jumps from this self-distorted screaming style to his familiar squeaky bouncy voice. I was sitting on the song for a little while, trying to figure out a structure to it. Eventually I got 24Hrs to come in and round it out.

The new track follows A-Trak’s ‘Skat Men‘ EP with YehMe2—ex-Flosstradamus’s Josh Young—and is one of many previously unheard collaborations slated for release this year. A-Trak and YehMe2 kick off their b2b DJ tour February 8 in Austin.