Justin Timberlake was in charge of the Super Bowl Halftime performance; and while there were a lot of rumours surrounding it we didn’t get Janet Jackson or an N’SYNC reunion. We did got an introduction from Jimmy Fallon atop a Pepsi sign, a medley of his hits and a Prince tribute (the game was played in Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis). The latter includ JT singing “I Would Die 4 U” while a projection of the Purple One sang along on a screen behind him.

Prince fans were outraged by the performance, notably because the late icon called the idea of using technology to perform with a past icon the “most demonic thing imaginable“.

Nick Whitenhouse of design studio Fireplay, the creative lead for the halftime performance, defended Prince’s posthumous appearance in a statement:

Paying tribute to Prince was something JT highlighted as an important moment for this show, and we spent quite a bit of time ensuring this moment would be true to his legacy. Ultimately, Justin decided that the only person who could do Prince justice is Prince, and we’re so proud to be part of his team who created this epic moment.”

Watch it below.