POND have shared a new music video for “Fire In The Water,” a bonus track from the band’s upcoming digital-reissue of their 2017 album, ‘The Weather’, out today and available for purchase here. The video was directed, filmed and edited by acclaimed visual artist Kristofski and heavily features the band’s frontman, Nicholas Allbrook, dancing joyously through the streets of Tokyo.

Of the video’s origin, Kristofski states: “Jay [Watson] hit me up on Instagram and said “Hey Kristio, do you wanna come meet us in Tokyo in 2 days and shoot a clip?” and then I was in Tokyo and by far it was the most rude trip of my life. We got lost a lot and kinda just followed Nick around because he kept wanting to find this rainbow bridge which I don’t think ever existed. Sometimes we would just stop and film where ever we were. The original idea was Nick turning into a jellyfish, floating over the buildings looking down on all these people eating ramen and sushi but that idea didn’t really fly. That was Nick’s idea btw. I like how we have those koi fish in the clip, because they are like fire in the water. It was also Joe’s birthday which was nice.

Watch “Fire In The Water” below.

The band also announced that they will perform at BonnarooBoston Calling and Governors Ball.