Created in partnership with Superstar DJ/Producer Avicii, aka Tim Bergling, Hello There Games and PlayStationInvector is a new rhythm game that rides on a fundamental but simple core; the awesome feeling you get from listening to great music, which Avicii fans know all about. Invector launches tonight at Midnight.

Invector tells the story of happy-go-lucky Stella, Collector Pilot H45H1M – voiced by American artist Maya Tuttle. Stella’s mission, to gather colorful fragments spread across the universe, is a wild ride from one stunning planet to the next.

The game contains stunning audiovisuals and a library of 22 of Avicii’s songs including favorites such as “Levels” and just released tracks from his latest EP. “It’s taken 2 years of development and now INVECTOR is finally here. It’s going to be a brand-new way to experience my music. As a dedicated gamer, I really feel excited to be a part of creating a new game for the market,” says Tim Bergling (Avicii).

Check out the trailer below.