Jimmy Kimmel turned 50, so in honor of his birthday, a slew of celebrities including David Letterman and Mike Tyson roasted the host with a special edition of mean tweets about Kimmel himself.

Most of the tweets were pretty bland, the tweet David Letterman got simply read: “Jimmy Kimmel is not funny. Neither is David Letterman.”

Larry David appeared personally entertained by his tweet, cracking up as his read, “This is going to sound fantastic, but I forgot Jimmy Kimmel’s name, so I googled ‘ugly late night talk show host’ and I got him top link.” Thor Ragnarok’s Chris Hemsworth mixed up the name of the Greek god “Hephaestus” with “hepatitis.” (“You don’t have hepatitis, Jimmy. I would know,” the actor added with a wink.)

But the highlight was Kim Kardashian West, who got way more personal, reading of an angry tweet by her husband (Kimmel and West got into a twitter feud in 2013 after the host mocked the rapper), Kanye West:”Jimmy Kimmel put yourself in my shoes … oh no that means who would have gotten too much good pussy in your life.”

Fair point,” she said.