While the tragic story of the Grenfell Tower fire keeps unfolding, there are many people and different organisations working in favour of the victims. Last week, Nordoff Robbins hosted an acoustic solo show from Jake Bugg at the 100 Club in Oxford Circus in London. This was a great opportunity for fans of Jake to enjoy an intimate and alsmot face to face show with the artist.

I may not loo very happy right now, but I am“, said Jake as he changed his guitar to perform songs from his new album ‘Hearts That Strain‘. Jake express his joy for helping the victims of the Grenfall Towers and expressed his gratitude to the fans who attended.

Jake performed songs from his new album plus other fan favorites like “Slumville Sunrise“, “Two Fingers“, and “Lightning Bolt“, which was the last song of the show.

Jake Bugg’s new album ‘Hearts That Strain‘ is out now everywhere on all digital platforms.