Lollapalooza is happening at this very moment, and we had the chance to speak with Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker, and Sam Stewart, the trio best known as Lo Moon, before their performance this Sunday at the Pepsi stage.

– How long have you been together as a band and how did it happened?

I moved to LA about 4 years ago chasing down a dream of starting a band. I needed a change and met Crisanta shortly after. I had a bunch of songs, all in different states, and played them for her first. She was looking to join a band, and really reacted to what I was trying to accomplish. We met Sam through another friend and just started jamming and developing in the shed behind my house. The band developed in there, with a lot of long days days and nights discovering each other musically. From there the songs really started taking shape and a record seemed to be born.

– Do you generally read the reviews you receive on magazines and music sites? All of them are pretty positive. How does this make you feel?

I hear about them from my dad lol! Google alerts is a dangerous thing. He only tells me the good ones I’m sure. I try to not pay attention to it, BUT it’s awesome how well received it’s been so far. We are really grateful, and happy people are having a positive reaction to the music.

– I’m sure you are now working on your debut album, can you tell us when can we expect it?

We will have news on that very shortly!

– What’s your favorite part about being in a band..recording music, composing or playing live?

It’s all the best. It’s a dream job.

– How are you preparing for your Lollapalooza set?

We just did some shows with London Grammar and Glass Animals and they went great! So we feel ready for it!

– Is this your first time at the festival? Are you looking forward to see any band perform during the festival?

This is our third festival. We did Shaky Knees and Governors Ball in NY. They were amazing! We run around trying to catch as much music as possible!