This week’s PLAYlist features LA model Paolo Gallardo (Ford Models), who has been inside the music scene in his own way. You might remember him as one of the main actors in The xx’s video “On Hold“, which was released last year as the lead single of their latest album ‘I See You‘.

Born in Venice Beach, California, Paolo enjoys the best part of being a model: traveling around the world. He has been in New York, London, Switzerland, Paris, and the list goes on. “It’s something pretty cool you know, to see the world“. Before beginning his modeling career, he was working in London as a sound engineer in a studio.

He comes from a family of actors, so appearing in music videos may just be the beginning for him. “My mother was an actress, my father was an actor, my grandmother was an actress, my great mother was an actress. The way I see acting is very different from what a lot of people usually think.”

When he was called out to appear in The xx’s video, Paolo went to Marfa, Texas, a town with less than 2,000 people. Alasdair McLellan was the director who told Paolo that one of the members of the band, Oliver, would have to shave his head for a scene in the video. He didn’t mind at all.

When we were shooting we didn’t hear the song, they only played the track without the vocals. So we had no idea what the song was about.”

Of course, he had the chance to talk to the band, which left him with a very good impression. “They’re very sweet, they are really really nice people.”

Paolo also appeared on one of Disclosure’s first videos back in 2012 (“Latch“), which was actually the song that took the duo to the top charts worldwide.

Paolo has a very diverse music taste that goes from Tool (his favorite band) and Explosions in the Sky to foreign bands like Manu Chao

The only kind of music that I don’t like is the EDM shit.”