Mura Masa’s much-anticipated, critically-acclaimed debut album is released today via Anchor Point/Polydor Records, with a video for “Blu” (ft Damon Albarn) also airing in partnership with La Blogotheque.

A striking statement of intent from this still-just-21-year-old singer and producer, ‘Mura Masa’ has been teased in recent weeks by collaborations spanning household names to emerging talent: or, from Christine & the Queens and Damon Albarn on one hand to affiliates of Alex’s own Anchor Point family on the other (Bonzai and Tom Tripp). The album was then launched last night with an intimate live show at London’s Bussey Building, which was streamed live by Boiler Room and opened Mura Masa’s specially-curated Peckham Pop Up.

The last couple of years have seen Mura Masa translate tremendous ability and promise into a debut album which is at once playful, ambitious, and effortlessly accomplished. It’s a record which looks in from the outside – across water, in fact – at a scope of subcultures, and measures the reality against what was promised by the lens of the Internet; arriving, in his own words, at “the confusion and chaos of being 20 and living in London for the first time”. Allowing others into the Mura Masa world was a gradual process, but one which has paid off with a remarkable cast of collaborators: from A-Listers to cult heroes and emerging talent, but Alex’s vision of what pop music (and modern British culture) should look like in 2017. However isolated your upbringing, messy your love life or intense your city, ‘Mura Masa’ suggests the importance of togetherness, and those endless possibilities to still connect.