French artist Jain was born in Toulouse, but life has taken her to places so different that it is difficult to say which one has influenced her more. Congo, Abu Dhabi, Paris, each city contributed somehow in her transformation as an artist.

Her debut album, ‘Zanaka‘ (which means “child” in Malagasy), was released in November 2015. The name was a tribute to her mother’s origin. It ended up being certified as gold in France in 2016.

As her biography says, you can listen to any of her songs and “instantly, you’ll be startled, smitten and smiling.” It’s true. Try it.

Jain is ready to step on American ground this summer to perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago (Thursday August 3rd). Follow our coverage this summer here.

Watch her live session at the Maida Vale studios recorded for BBC Radio 1.