Saint Motel has revealed its fourth 360° Interactive Virtualizer Video for “Sweet Talk” as part of YouTube’s star-studded SXSW programming featuring hitmakers and innovators such as Solange, Rae Sremmurd, Migos, Lil Yachty and more.

The new “Sweet Talk” Virtualizer is one of four Saint Motel VR videos featured by YouTube at SXSW. It appears alongside the three previously revealed saintmotelevision virtualizer videos (“Move”, “Born Again”, “You Can Be You”) plus and additional VR/360° videos as part of the music and technology event. Fans in Austin were invited to don VR goggles and experience the technology in real time, while Saint Motel shared the video with fans via YouTube’s Livestream App as part of last night’s premiere.

Saint Motel has also announced plans to expand its saintmotelevison LP into the first-ever virtual reality album with plans to reveal six additional 360° Virtualizers to be rolled out over the coming months, completing the 10-track package.

The seamlessly rendered 360° VR videos combine animation and virtual reality technology to create the stunning visuals and vibrant experience set within one of the first VR 3D animated music videos. The virtualizers are part of Saint Motel’s continued embrace of immersive visuals and integrated technology.

“Creating the reality we want to inhabit, mixing art forms, and experimenting with audiovisuals is at the core of what Saint Motel is all about,” explains Saint Motel’s A/J Jackson. “The Virtualizers aren’t meant to compete with traditional music videos, we’ll continue to make those. The Virtualizers are an entirely new interactive experience that combine VR, lyrics, animation, and live elements into a new sonic reality.”