New York, NY (March 17th, 2017) – Today Milky Chance have released their sophomore album, Blossom on Republic Records.

Blossom is Out Today – Available for Streaming and Purchase HERE.
Watch Visuals For The Title Track HERE.

“Blossom was the first time we went into the studio with the intention to make an album, Sadnecessary was just us recording songs we worked on so we can play it to our friends without any expectations of a proper release.” recalls Clemens.

“After touring for almost four years on the back of this album we really wanted to create something with “Blossom” that is still “Milky Chance”, keeps the mixture between melancholy, electronic and organic sounds but also captures our growth as musicians, songwriters and producers.”

“We locked ourselves in the studio and got rid of all expectations that come with a debut-album success. We were 19 when everything started so we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, developed a lot as musicians and went to places we’ve never thought we would go to, everything happened really fast. It was important to take some time off to realize what happened. All of this was very influential for us in making this record.”

1. Blossom
2. Ego
3. Firebird
4. Doing Good
5. Clouds
6. Cold Blue Rain
7. Stay
8. Bad Things (feat. Izzy Bizu)
9. Cocoon
10. Losing You
11. Peripeteia
12. Alive
13. Piano Song
14. Heartless
15. Cold Blue Rain (Acoustic Version)
16. Alive (Acoustic Version)
17. Cocoon (Acoustic Version)
18. Ego (Acoustic Version)
19. Firebird (Acoustic Version)
20. Peripeteia (Acoustic Version)