LONDON, November 1st, 2016 – Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) has teamed up with Friendly Fires frontman Ed Macfarlane for the release of new compilation album entitled ‘Glistens’. The album is being released on UPPM’s sub label Chappell. UPPM has previously worked with successful artists and rising stars, including Tom Furse (The Horrors), to curate vibrant new production music compilations.

Glistens’ boasts a joyous, spacey, synth-driven soundscape across a range of tempos and styles – a snapshot harking back to an era of music with a strong identity that sounds just as definitive in 2016 – ultimately held together by Ed’s enthusiasm and manifested in an exciting 18-track collection.

He tells of his inspiration for ‘Glistens’ and even suggests the best listening conditions for it: “I grew up in the era of digital synthesis. I vividly remember encountering my first synth as a child. Once I had filtered through the dull presets, I arrived at the special sounds that shimmered with an otherworldly and futuristic atmosphere. They immediately transported me to Tron-esque landscapes and into pixelated arcade computer screens. For maximum effect, listen to this compilation immersed in a sea of dry ice, with lasers on full and a pair of diffraction glasses wrapped firmly around your head. If this is not possible, simply let these tracks shimmer and glisten before your eyes.