Just because filmmakers in Hollywood spent millions of dollars on creating a movie certainly doesn’t mean that it will generate millions of dollars in profits. In fact, there are many expensive movies that have been created and released, only for audiences to be disappointed and profits to flop. But there have also been plenty of low budget movies using stock music and royalty free music from sources like www.neosounds.com that did surprisingly well in theaters, generating millions in profits. Continue reading to learn about a few of those films.


Clerks is a movie that was released in 1994. Even though its budget was only $27,575, it ended up grossing an incredible $3.1 million, and it also went on to become a cult classic. Filmed in black and white, the film is about two slackers who work at a convenience store. The film moves through what their typical day is like, and how they often end up fooling around and chatting rather than working. Thanks to its comedy and witty dialogue, Kevin Smith, who wrote and directed the film, found himself in a new career that made him famous.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity, which was directed by Oren Peli, was filmed over the course of just seven days at his home for a budget of just $15,000. The scary movie was filmed with a handheld camera but it became a huge hit and developed quite the following. In the end, the move made a whopping $193 million across the globe, and it even ended up with four sequels. In total, the five Paranormal Activity films grossed a global total of $805 million as of 2014.

Super Size Me

In the world of documentaries, Super Size Me made quite an impact. With a budget of just $65,000, Morgan Spurlock created a simple movie that showcases what happens to an individual when they focus on eating nothing but fast food for every meal of every day for a month. You can see the dramatic changes that occur to Morgan’s body and health, and the film also focuses upon the influence that the fast food industry has upon society, and how the industry doesn’t care about the fact that its products are detrimental to health. The movie ended up making $29.5 million in profits, and Morgan was able to get himself back in shape after the filming was complete by switching back to a healthy diet.

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project tricked a lot of audience members into thinking that the footage in the film was truly footage that was found after student filmmakers went missing in the woods. Even though the movie’s budget was $35,000, it grossed $248,300,000 worldwide, and it was definitely a new way to create a film with minimal equipment.

There are plenty of other low budget movies that became blockbuster hits, but these are just a few that stand out and have really made history and influenced people’s careers. These movies prove that, with creativity and dedication, you can make an incredible movie on a small budget.