There’s no way to avoid an article that talks about Pokémon Go, which came out a few days ago. People are going crazy about it and this is just the beginning. Not everyone has been able to play the game tough. If you’re in a country that still has no access to the game, we’re telling you how to download it in less than 5 minutes.

1. Open iTunes Store (on your computer) and go to the very bottom. Click on the link that says “Change Country”.

2. Select the United States as your store. It will ask you to put your E-mail and password of your iCloud account. You have a make a new one, but don’t worry, it will only be to download this app and then you will be able to switch to your original account. You don’t have to enter a credit card. You will just have to use a real US address (you can use the address of a hotel).

3. With your new account, search for the game.

4. After the game is downloaded, connect your iPhone and drag the icon of the downloaded app to your iPhone that appears on the left. That’s it!