As New York City’s biggest music festival arrives, it’s time to prepare our minds with everything surrounding Governors Ball. Remember, music is just the beginning. Food, parties, places to visit, and other activities are also important, especially if you come from outside New York. Here’s a quick guide for you to begin planning your trip to New York that will guarantee to make your festival experience more enjoyable.

Your Stay + Getting to Randall’s Island.
By now you should already have booked a hotel room or Airbnb. Rates are normal, considering it’s New York City, for now.. If you are coming to New York just for the festival and have no time for tourist attractions, you may consider staying in a hotel in Queens or The Bronx. You will pay a lot less than almost any Manhattan hotel. Randal’s Island Park is located between Manhattan, Queens, and The Bronx. You will be bale to get there by subway + bus, by taking the Manhattan Ferry, shuttles, or car if you want to.

randalls island map

Who’s invited?
The whole family! Kids 5 years old and younger have free access to the festival. “But what about my doggy, can I bring him?” Sorry, pets should stay at home.

firefly festival 2015 crowd

What to wear.
Weather can by tricky. It may be sunny and warm, but you have to consider rainy days too. Take your sunglasses and a light jacket with you. Some people take ponchos, rain boots, or umbrellas. Remember, the festival will go even if it rains. Sunny day? Don’t forget to take sunscreen and water.

What to take.
Well, first of all, your wristbands. Remember to take your phone charger or extra battery as your device may consume extra energy searching for good signal.

It is always helpful to take a backpack with you (or a friend who is willing to take a backpack). If you do, you can take with you stuff like hand sanitizer, wet wipes, your phone charger, and emergency stuff you may need.

This of course, is just optional. You can just go with cash for you to eat and drink and enjoy the festival.

The Food Experience.
Every festival in North America offers a unique food experience for fans to enjoy. Governors Ball is no exception. There’s a very complete food lineup that includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Just take a look at what will be waiting for you at the festival.

Plan Your Weekend.

Remember, you are going to one of the greatest festivals of the continent. It will be impossible to enjoy all bands. As soon as the schedules are released, make sure you and your friends plan your weekend wisely. Tough decisions will be made, and some of your favorite bands may overlap. Let’s hope you get to see your favorite ones!

The After Shows.

If an entire day of music wasn’t enough for you and want more, don’t worry. The After Dark shows will give you the music overdose you’re looking for. Shows will begin on Tuesday May 31st with Catfish and the Bottlemen. Over 20 shows have been scheduled and tickets are very limited, so make sure you get them now!

governors ball after dark shows

That is all…for now. Stay tuned on our social pages to follow our special coverage. Remember, you will be in New York City, the greatest city on earth, with the greatest music fans, delicious food, and the best music in the world. See you in the city that never sleeps!