One of our favourite Australian bands, Atlas Genius, is releasing their sophomore album ‘Inanimate Objects‘ this month. This album follows up their successful debut ‘When It Was Now‘, which made them tour the entire world and perform in the biggest festivals. We talked with the Jeffrey brothers about their new music, plans, and more.

Your first album ‘When It Was Now’ had great reception and thanks to songs like “Trojans”, which was a viral success, “Symptoms”, and “If So”, you guys performed on the biggest festivals around the world. How did you feel after those intense months ended? Did you immediately began to work on new music?

I felt like we landed on the moon after we finished touring. It was such a stark contrast to our life on the road. It was hard to adjust back to the slower pace of life. I buried myself in the writing process immediately. Michael took a 3-month holiday off haha.

After playing all those shows in the US, do you now feel more comfortable with the American audience? Does it feel almost like home?

I genuinely love american audiences. You are loud and responsive, and that’s what you want in an audience… and you took Trojans to ‘Gold Record’ status! We had no expectation of that ever happening.

Now that you’ve tried them all… do you have a favorite music festival?

We loved Lollapalooza, Osheaga in Montreal, Firefly, Outside Lands, Sasquatch…

For your new album ‘Inanimate Objects’, where there any collaborations from other musicians?

Yes, we had a few interesting collaborations. Big Data featured on the track ‘A Perfect End’. Our good friend Dave Larsen from Sweden was part of ‘Balladino’.

What did you tried to make different this time when working at the studio?

I wrote songs on piano, bass, guitar and drum machines… and samplers. Almost every song started from a different place… and it was also a different process because we didn’t record this album in our studio in Australia. I think there’s a ‘west coast’ vibe to some of the track.

When looking at the track list of ‘Inanimate Objects’, the title “Friends With Enemies” captured my attention. And when I heard it I was even more curious to know what’s behind this song. What can you tell us about it?

That’s such an autobiographical song. A really personal theme that takes me back to that time overtime I hear it. It’s dripping with anguish.

Do you have a favorite song from the new album?

‘Balladino’,’ A Perfect End’ and ‘Friends with Enemies’ are my favourites today… that will likely change tomorrow.

What’s next after the release of ‘Inanimate Objects’? Are you ready to get booked for most festivals next year?

We have a whole lot of touring ahead, some headline shows as well as some dates with Passion Pit which we’re excited for.

Anything else you want to add regarding your new album?

Play it really loud in a dark room!