Last weekend, we may have witnessed the best festival in the US this year. The 4th edition of Firefly Festival was held from June 18-21 in The Woodlands of Dover, Delaware. The Killers returned 3 years later to headline the festival for the 2nd time. Kings of Leon would at Dover for the first time ever. Sir Paul McCartney was surprisingly announced as the main headliner. Everything sounded so good to be true.

firefly festival 2015 crowd

This is the 2nd year we cover Firefly, and just like last year, the crowd did not disappoint. Dover is a small town, so many music fans come from other states and they generally go because they really like the acts that will perform and not just because “everyone is going”. This makes a difference in the interaction between musicians and the fans. People actually participate and sing with the artist instead of just hanging out without knowing a single song from the band.

firefly 2015

Thirsty? No problem. Beer, Wine, Jack Daniels, strawberry lemonade, ice cream… they had it all. Hungry? There were so many options available, probably more than last year. I actually wished I was hungry all day long long to try everything.

firefly festival food

Day 1 was epic, memorable, unique. This was the first time I saw Paul McCartney and I didn’t know what to expect. I am a huge Beatle fan and know alms every song from Paul’s solo career. I didn’t know if Paul would really take his Out There tour show to the Woodlands, but as soon as I saw the gigantic vertical screens on each side of the stage, I knew he did. His show, which lasted for 2 and a half hours, actually lasted a lot longer. About 40 minutes before the came out of the stage, the big screens began to show animated clips and photos from The Beatles, while playing songs Paul wrote along his music career. It was the best pre-show ever.

Then, Paul McCartney came out, and madness invaded us all. His birthday was a day before, so he began playing The Beatle’sBirthday“, and we were all in his

Got to Get You into My Life“, “Paperback Writer“, “The Long and Winding Road“, “Blackbird“, “Lady Madonna“, “Something“, and more Beatles’ songs were included in his setlist. His solo masterpieces like “Band on the Run“, “Live and Let Die“, “Queenie Eye“, “Maybe I’m Amazed“, were also there. It was perfection. His set ended with one of the last few songs The Beatles recorded together: “Golden Slumbers“, “Carry That Weight“, and “The End“, from ‘Abbey Road‘. Best night ever.

paul mccartney live firefly festival

On day 2, some suspicious changes in the schedule occurred. Foster the People began 15 minutes before. I had no idea why they did this, but now I know they were probably getting ready in case a storm arrived later that night. And it did. A few minutes before Kings of Leon were supposed to take the stage, we were asked to leave the Woodlands and take shelter on our vehicles. It wasn’t raining yet, but festival organisers really knew what they were doing. 20 minutes later, a few minutes after we arrived to our car, rain began to fall. Too bad, we missed Kings of Leon, but there are things in eery festival that ew just can’t control. My concern was that day 3 would also be affected by the storm.

firefly storm

But it didn’t. The next day, the sun was bright and there were hardly any clouds in the sky. And just like this sign said, everything will be alright…

firefly festival 2015

An it did. Everything was going on as planned. It was the last day of Firefly and there were so many things to do (besides watching your favorite bands perform), that we arrived early to see all the stuff Firefly had to offer. (Including of course, free sunglasses).

We have seen The Killers many times, and as usual, they did a great hub closing the festival. They were sympathetic with Kings of Leon fans by covering “The Bucket” and “Use Somebody“, something that I was definitely not expecting. Add to this already epic moment their explosive performances of “Somebody Told Me“, “All These Things That I’ve Done“, and “When You Were Young“.

Did Firefly exceeded our expectations? For the second year in a row, did. These were our TOP 5 live acts from Firefly 2015.

firefly festival crowd

spoon at firefly 2015
4- Spoon

empire of the sun firefly 2015
3- Empire of the Sun

foster the people firefly
2- Foster the People

paul mccartney firefly
1- Paul McCartney

See you next year!