The Kooks will be performing at Dover’s Firefly Festival on June 18 at the Lawn Stage, and as we get ready for our onsite coverage, we made a list of their best 10 singles released so far, plus a bonus track we couldn’t left out that was actually not released as a single. Take a look at out TOP 10 singles from The Kooks.

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10- “Bad Habit” (‘Listen’)

9- “Forgive & Forget” (‘Listen’)

8- “Sway” (‘KONK’)

7- “Always Where I Need To Be” (‘KONK’)

6- “You Don’t Love Me” (‘Inside In/Inside Out”)

5- “Junk of the Heart” (‘Junk of the Heart’)

4- “Around Town” (‘Listen’)

3- “Naive” (‘Inside In/Inside Out”)

2- “Ohh La” (‘Inside In/Inside Out”)

1- “She Moves In Her Own Way” (‘Inside In/Inside Out”)

Bonus: “Carried Away” (Bonus track from ‘Junk of the Heart’)