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TOP 100 Beatles songs of all time

June 14, 2015 :: 02:20 PM EDT

It almost sounds like a cliché to say that The Beatles are the most influential band that has ever been. But they are. No other band has achieves what they did. They were innovative, experimental, avant-garde, pop, rock, psychedelic, and even classical. Why were they so successful? There are many correct answers to this question, but one of the main reasons of why they achieved what they did was the way each member – Paul, John, George, and Ringo – contributed with their own talent and personality to form the perfect team work. I would also include their manager Brian Epstein and producer George Martin as important members of this team, who took the right steps to enhance their potential as a band.

The “Fab Four” released over 200 songs in a period of 10 years, just before they decided to go on as solo artists. With so many songs, it was impossible for me to make a TOP 10, as I usually do. So this time I decided to rank their songs with a TOP 100. As a big fan, it was difficult for me to be 100% objective, as I have my own favourites. But I tried to leave my own music taste in a second term to make this list realistic. I’m sure each Beatle fan has their own favorite songs, and they won’t agree with mine. They may even get angry by looking at this list. To make this TOP 100, I considered each song’s influence, meaning, feelings, lyrics, and how innovative they were at their time. Note that covers were not considered. Here it is…enjoy it!

100 “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” (‘Abbey Road’)

99 “Girl” (‘Rubber Soul’)

98 “Baby’s in Black” (‘Revolver’)

97 “She Said She Said” (‘Revolver’)

96 “Act Naturally” (‘Help!’)

95 “The Long and Winding Road” (‘Let It Be’)

94 “You Won’t See Me” (‘Rubber Soul’)

93 “God Day Sunshine” (‘Revolver’)

92 “Ask Me Why” (‘Please Please Me’)

91 “Got To Get You Into My Life” (‘Revolver’)

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