We are getting ready for Firefly Music Festival which will take place from June 18-21 in Dover, Delaware. One of the acts we are looking forward to see is Vacationer. So far, the band has released two albums and two EPs. Their latest, ‘Relief‘, continues with the same feeling of their debut ‘Gone‘. If you’re a fan of Vacationer, I’m sure you’ll know what feeling I’m talking about.  We spoke to the band about their music and how they feel days before their performance at Firefly Festival.

Your music is really enjoyable, easy to listen, and makes me feel like everything’s all right. When you write your songs, do you think on the effect they will have on people?

Thank you! Administering relaxation is definitely an objective in Vacationer songs. I always hope it does exactly that for people. I try not to concentrate too hard on how people will perceive the music. Instead I try to tailor the songs to relax myself as effectively as possible. The hope is that people with a similar mindset can gravitate towards this music.

What makes you sit down and begin to write music and where does inspiration come from?

It’s taken a while for me to realize this, but I don’t think there is any reliable place for me to find inspiration. I always have to wait for inspiration to find me. It feels like I have a finicky antenna that picks up a signal of what I’d like to write, the signal only comes in clearly once and a while. It usually comes on the back of experiencing strong love or some sort of epiphany. Sometimes it helps to just start singing along with an instrumental. Just mumbling a melody can get me comfortable enough to start writing. Determining the subject matter of a song can often be the most difficult part for me. I often prefer to write based on feeling rather than a specific subject or narrative. That’s what’s nice about writing vacationer songs, relaxation is a helpful mood to start from.

What do you enjoy the most…touring or recording at the studio?

It’s hard to say that I enjoy one of these over the other, I love both the studio and the road. There is an excitement to each that is unique to the experience. Touring life is a great fit for me. I can’t get enough of playing music on a daily basis while traveling the world. At this stage of my life it is a total dream job. Recording is much more of a delayed gratification, but it has the potential to be immensely rewarding. The magic of having only morsels of an idea at the beginning of a day, and going home that night with a full song that you can have permanently, still amazes me.

In a few days you will be performing at Dover’s Firefly Festival. How do fans generally react to your music when you perform on festivals? (Specially the ones that are listening to you for the first time)

We can’t wait. I like to think that we put out a chill vibe that people can tune into. I like to be upfront about my enjoyment level, if I’m having a great time you are going to know it. It’s also a no-pressure-zone. It’s not my style to tell the crowd to go crazy or attempt to work them up into a frenzy. I appreciate that we play a style of music that can be danced to as well as lounged to. Ideally, I love to see a sea of people swaying and shaking their shoulders without completely realizing it.

What do you expect from this festival? Have you been in Dover before?

I think I’ve been through Dover once or twice but I don’t think I’ve performed there. It looks beautiful. My excitement is pinned. I’m all about the line-up, there is a lot of fun to be had that weekend. Funny enough, I had a dream a few years ago in which I was wandering through a festival in the forest called Firefly.. and it was totally otherworldly. A few months later I learned of the real-life festival. I’ll chalk it up as an awesome prophecy that led me to the performance this summer.

What’s next for Vacationer?

We are in the early stages of writing LP3. In the meantime we are playing a few more fests and planning our fall touring schedule.

Can you tell us a band you would love to tour with?

Beach house would be the ultimate dream. They are one of the biggest influences on my writing in this band. Phantogram would be amazing too. I’d love to get out on the road with the Reptar dudes as well, great band!

Your favorite song at the moment?

Multi-love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. That new record is crusshhing me. <3