With the announce of their first Quarterly, Lightning is blasting countercultural fun by collaborating with artists, dirtbikers, musicians, surfers, gold miners, and more than a few ripping guitarists.

Founded as a culture of participation, an inside out approach to releasing music and art into the world, Lightning announces an art-wise subscription to the quarterly Lightning Magazine and 20 Artist Series. Available now direct from Lightning here.
The albums are part of a 20 Artist Series where artists have been asked to contribute a unique side project or edge creative statement. Pictured cumulatively from the future, a bold explosive cross boundary snapshot of the current sonic counterculture.

The first Quarterly release includes:
Five new albums by early Brooklyn infamous rock legends People of the North (Oneida), mythological songwriter Wooden Wand, Arizona desert outlaw Ohioan, primitive futurist guitar poet William Tyler, and rebel rocker and virtuoso guitar shredder Cy Dune.

The first issue of Lightning Magazine, a 112 page limited edition, hand printed, american counterculture magazine that explores the current state of fun-havery in various cultures through immersion style journalism with contributions from minimalist composer Rhys Chatham, Punk photographer, Guggenheim fellow and experimental filmmaker Bill Daniel, Dirtbiker Derek Gibson, infamous alleged gallery founder Aaron Rose, car sculptor Jesse Sugarmann, Los angeles based earth artist Katsuhisa Sakai and other surfers and freeriders amongst Lightning’s sub-cultural fun.

“ The musicians involved are a diverse spectrum of artists that I have met and been inspired by while traveling and touring around the world. A group of artists that I always return to to see what they are doing. The common thread through all of the artists for me is the spirit – a spirit of expression and exploration, a transmission back from somewhere out on the edge. “ Seth Olinsky // Co-founder Lightning Records

Lightning Issue 1 from L I G H T N I N G on Vimeo.