Firefly will definitely be considered as one of the best festivals of the year, not only because of its performances, but also because the activities that surrounded the Woodlands and made our experience even better. Here are the TOP 10 things that made Firefly a unique festival.

10. Location
firefly crowd
Dover is a small city that now has a big festival, and it is really convenient for people living in Philadelphia and New York because they can easily travel by bus to enjoy it. Besides, everything is Dover is really close so it’s really not complicated to get a taxi or ride from your hotel to the festival.

9. You could watch the World Cup
world cup at firefly

Soccer fans stopped worrying about where they will watch the US vs Portugal match when they heard that one of the stages would broadcast the game. There were also other options like a Budweiser bar that had several screens for you to enjoy the World Cup fever.

8. The hammock area
firefly 2014
Going to a festival requires a lot of energy. You have to walk long distances to move from one stage to another for 3 or 4 days and you have to stand up for hours to enjoy the show of your favorite bands. At some point to need to rest to keep on moving. Firefly thought of that and had a hammock area inside the forest that you can use at anytime for free.

7. InstaFirefly
firefly instagram prints
Everyone uses instagram to save the best moments you live during a festival. Firefly took this to the next level by allowing fans to print their pictures as stickers and all they had to do is use the hashtag #InstaFirefly. This was completely free and you could print as many photos as you want. #Fun

Bonus: We found a hipster Heisenberg waiting for Jake Bugg’s show at the Coffee House.
heisenberg at firefly

6. The silent party in the forest
firefly silent party
Dozens of people were dancing in the forest in a special area where there was no sound at all. All of them were given headphones so they can enjoyed the same music without making disturbing the nature.

5. The Arcade tent
firefly arcade
The Firefly tent had dozens of fun retro arcade games that were used by fans while enjoying the coolness of air conditioning (some days were really hot). The best part was that they were free to play.

4. The Coffee House
grouplove firefly
Firefly had an exclusive area were you could buy some coffee while your favorite bands performed acoustic sets. Several artists like Jake Bugg and Grouplove performed here (besides their main shows) in an more intimate environment which allowed fans to be closer to them.

Bonus: you can sleep comfortably in the grass like this guy
firefly crowd

3. The forest at night

firefly at night
Firefly is one of the few festivals that ends at 3AM, so when the night came, lights illuminated the forest to create great visuals an effects. Lights falling off of pines and breathing trees were just a few of the things you could see at night at Firefly.

2. The Holy Shits
the holy shits firefly
For the first time ever, Foo Fighters decided to include 4 classic rock songs in their setlist before the show ended. They came back as a “bar band” called The Holly Shits to perform songs from Queen, Van Halen, and The Rolling Stones.

1. The crowd
firefly 2014 crowd
It was really pleasant to see an energetic and participative crowd at every Firefly show. Lately, people just go to festivals no matter which bands are in the lineup just to hang around. This is probably why we generally see a very quiet crowd that never sings along and hardly scream of excitement during each song. This didn’t happen at Firefly. People were there because they were real fans and knew every song of the performer they had in front. Cheers for that Dover.