This was the first time we attended Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE and we are glad we took the decision to cover it (we only cover a limited number of festivals each year). Not only we were amazed by the performances of the bands included in the lineup, but also by the crowds that attended each performance and the activities that surrounded the festival.

We saw a bunch of performances and as you know, we like making lists of the best things we saw. Check out the TOP 10 performances we saw at Firefly Music Festival 2014.

10. Grouplove
grouplove firefly
Grouplove performed two times during the same day and we had the chance to watch them at Firefly’s Coffee House stage, which was supposed to be an acoustic set, but didn’t sound like that at all.

9. Jake Bugg
jake bugg firefly
I’m a big fan of Jake Bugg and I was really looking forward for his show. Besides his main performance, he also offered an acoustic set at Firefly’s Coffee House stage, so fans had the chance to watch him twice during the same day. He still needs to find the way to interact more with the crowd and let go his shyness, but I’m sure that will be fixed over time.

8. Broken Bells
I like The Shins a lot, but when James Mercer began with this side project, Broken Bells became one of my favorite bands. Their debut album was a master piece and their music sounds even better live, probably because James’ pitched voice that is unreachable for most.

7. Cage the Elephant
cage the elpehant firefly
This was probably one of the most crowded non-headliner shows at Firefly. We were a bit late so it was impossible for us to get close to the stage, but we still enjoyed them a lot even though the weather was really hot and sand was all over us. We forgot about that as soon as they began performing “In One Ear“.

6. Kaiser Chiefs
kaiser chiefs firefly 2014
They could be headliners in several European festivals, but in Firefly they were given a smaller stage that had a smaller crowd. This didn’t stopped them from offering an impressive show from beginning to end. If you were there and you weren’t familiar with their songs, I can assure you that you would still have a great time.

5. Arctic Monkeys
arctic monkeys firefly
The last time we saw them was at ACL 2013 and I was a bit disappointed. This time both the crowd and Alex Turner seemed to be connected even though he sometimes seems to be a little arrogant. The audience sang every song and the only thing they missed again was to include “Suck it and See” in their setlist.

4. Outkast
I wasn’t so excited to see them after what we have heard of their recent shows, but I must admit that it looks like they are taking it more serious and striving a little more when performing. Firefly did right by including them in their lineup.

3. Beck
firefly 2014 indscene
It’s the first time I saw him live. I didn’t know what to expect from him. I was surprised by his personality and charisma that was noticeable in both his talk and music. He performed a cover of Michael Jackson’sBillie Jean” and his performance could alsmot be considered as a headline show.

2. Weezer
weezer firefly 2014
This year the band will announce a brand new album and Firefly was a great warmup for both the band and their loyal fan base. Their setlist included all the songs we expected including “Photograph“, and they even took the time to cover Blur’sSong 2“. After their show I understood that Weezer is a guarantee of a top level performance.

1. Foo Fighters
foo fighters firefly
This was the band’s first official show of the year and they succeeded everyone’s expectations. Dave Grohl definitely knows how to handle a big audience like Firefly not only by performing the band’s best songs (including “Big Me“, which for a long time was out of their setlist), he also made us laugh especially when he left the stage and began to argue (as a joke) with drummer Taylor Hawkins about how many more songs they should play. At the end they decided to perform 5 more songs, 4 of which where classic rock songs from Queen, Van Halen, and The Rolling Stones, performed as a band called The Holy Shits. They finally ended their show with “Everlong“.